FACE TO FACE interviewing has come a long way since the only way to do it was using paper, pen and a clip board.

    Field Force has a great alternative to paper interviewing utilising computers that speed data collection and vastly improve data collection accuracy.

    We use two types of computer technology for face to face data collection.

    (1) For longer interviews with lots of open ended questions where we can sit with respondents to conduct the interview it is ideal to use laptops. Our interviewers are used to probing out those issues that a researcher needs to understand, like the message of the advertising or why they use a product or service.

    (2) In those situations where we must stand or need to be able to move around the hand held tablet unit is ideal. These computers are easy to use and can cope with outdoor light situations. They are very low weight yet have screens that are clear allowing complex questionnaires to be loaded. The biggest concern about paper questionnaires is reliance on the interviewer to follow the filter skip pattern. Our software programme easily handles all questionnaire routing and therefore makes the process just that much more accurate with the outcome being great quality data.

    The script for both laptops and hand held computers can be emailed to our clients for checking prior to going into field so there is certainty as to what the interviewer will be administering to the respondent.

    A bonus to using the computer option for face to face interviewing is that it seemlessly merges with data gathered by other methods of data collection such as CATI and online surveys...but then again that may not happen unless you use Field Force for your data collection!



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